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Niverville Manitoba November 25th, 2014 1am

Niverville MB Canada 2014 UFO sketch


UFO details report: Last night; November 24th 2014, I was leaving my moms house just before 1:00am, when a bright star caught my eye. It was bright orange, and seemed too big to be a star. I've seen many shooting stars, satellites and planes, but this star didn't seem like any other. It was moving southbound through the sky, towards Niverville faster than a plane, but it's motion was unfamiliar. It seemed so smooth and steady. Difficult to explain, but it wasn't flying like an airplane, definitely wasn't fast enough to be a shooting star. Just looked unnatural. Then the orange light faded, and I could see it. It was dark, but still visible against the night sky, 2 red lights at each end of it, it was long and resembled a cigar. The red lights on either end made it look like a cigar that had been lit on both ends. It kept the exact same trajectory and speed through the sky. I watched it from the my vehicle in amazement, until it flew out of sight, behind a line of trees. I had it in view for at least 30 seconds, and was not driving while I watched it. I'm 100% sure of what I saw, I'm still not sure what to think about it.

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Thank you to Chris Rutkowski for following up on this report.