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Cigar shaped UFO Report Winnipeg July 2014

UFO details report: This past summer I went outside to have a smoke and was looking into the sky toward the horizon from the chair I was sitting in. I noticed what appeared to be a silver/white cigar shaped object which I first thought might be a bit of cloud forming. I dismissed it and kept smoking and enjoying the early evening weather. Then I noticed another white cigar shaped object had appeared and the first one seemed to be moving south, south west. I was a little taken back and just sat there and watched while a third appeared lower to the horizon. I went into the house and told my spouse to come outside and grabbed my phone to take pictures. Sure enough all three were still there moving very very slowly south, south east. if you weren't watching, you wouldn't think they were moving at all. This was daytime and the sun was just starting to go down. I watched until they were out of sight which was close to an hour. The finally moved to far toward the horizon for me to see...the pictures of course did not do the experience justice, but I felt the need to share as I've seen many more objects and odd lights in the sky moving strangely since this happened and it left an impression on me. I felt awed and a little frightened as well. I don't need to be contacted and I don't need to be recognized for this. I am an intelligent normal mother and wife...I worked in accounting for 13 years and would like to think that I am a rational credible person. Thanks for taking the time to read this account.

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