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West hawk lake MB September 14th 2014 10:30pm

ufo details report: My friend and I were camping in West Hawk lake , Manitoba  and on the evening of Saturday September 14 around 10:30 pm decided to take a walk to the      washrooms . As we were approaching the building I looked up and notice a bright orange - reddish disk moving from the S.E to the N.W just below the tree line I asked my friend to look up and he also could see the light . We continued to look at the light as it moved overhead in a straight line getting brighter moving in and out of the cloud deck we figured the cloud deck to be around 10,000 feet . As the light moved towards the N.W it dipped below the cloud deck and in a split second disappeared and at about the same time my friend's cell phone digital clock went 00:00:00 !  The light was the size of a loonie if you held it in your hand with your arm stretched out and the whole incident lasted 20 seconds.

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