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Selkirk September 6th 2014 11:45pm

ufo details report: On the evening of Sept.6 2014, I was driving home to Libau, Manitoba. At about a quarter to midnight, I was eastbound approaching the Hwy 4. bridge north of Selkirk, Mb. As I rounded the bend heading east, I saw a group of about 7 large orange lights in the sky. As I started the ascent up the bridge, I could see about six variously spaced stragglers stretched out to the northern horizon, where there was another group of 6 or seven large orange lights. I say 6 or 7 because I never counted them. I was so freaked out, I forgot how to turn my flashers on for a few seconds. I stopped right on the Hwy 4 bridge, as did another vehicle. We both got out and looked at these large lights, moving from north to south. I had a camera with me, set the ISO to 6400, but the thing wouldnt fire. It was too dark. As the lights passed overhead, I could see several smaller deep red lights catching up and the falling away from the large orange ones. They were frolicking around them. Whereas the orange lights kept a steady speed southward, the small red ones were moving all over the place. One of the big ones was deep red also, and I wondered why this was so. These things made no sound, and from the time the ones from the north had finally passed over me, it was about 2 and a half, 3 minutes. I tried to phone my brother, and co worker, but my phone wouldnt work until these objects were gone. They were BIG and bright and were making no secret about being there. Anybody driving the no. 4 Hwy, Hwy 59, Hwy 9 and 9A would have seen them. Anybody outside at that time would have seen them. You didnt even have to look up, they were so blisteringly THERE. I contacted CTV news, CBC news, the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun. They couldnt be bothered and said they received no other reports. So I am reporting this to you. They other person drove off before I could talk to him. I did not see where they went, they faded out or shut their lights off as they migrated over Selkirk.I do not know what these were. I can not say that it was machinery of any kind. The little red ones seemed to move with intent and intelligence, but I could be projecting. They seemed to have a destination, and though they were stretched across the sky from above me to the norther horizon, they moved with a single purpose thou at different speeds some of them. Where did they come from? where did they go? What were they? I would sure like to know because they were not planes, helicopters, balloons, Chinese lanterns or fireworks. I have no frame of reference. I had and have no idea what I was witnessing.

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