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Stonewall MB August 29th 2014 8:45pm Classic UFO Shape

ufo details report: I do not report sightings even though over the years I have seen many, many, many sightings. I travel all over this country. But this one is worth reporting. I was standing outside my Hotel in Stonewall, MB at 8:15 pm August 29, 2014 at facing west. The visibility was unlimited with no clouds. I was talking on my cell and when I looked up I saw an object travelling overhead east to west. By the time I saw it, it was already well past me. At first I thought it was a jet because what looked like afterburners behind it, but it was too high and too big and it had a burn trail. So I thought meteor but it was not burning and traveling straight across the sky slowly because I watched it for about five minutes and it seemed very high. It was yellow flamed, round shaped and must have been at least a mile wide with a five mile yellow flaming tail.Then another one showed up closer than the one but still far away going west and it was traveling south to the north up from the horizon going up at about a 45 degree angle. It was a classic UFO shaped yellow fire surrounding center with a flaming yellow tail. It looked about three miles long including tail was about a third as wide traveling slowly because it was far away. Hard to tell how large they were but combined with visual and time watched they are assumed to be very large because they were far away. Both could have been bigger but could have not smaller. I was finished my call and was having a smoke and I called over a couple of other people nearby and pointed them out. They were amazed. We could still see the first one but this other one that looked like the classic saucer shaped and we watched it for about eight/nine minutes crossing power pole line we use as judging speed and distance until it hit the upper atmosphere and disappeared approximately 8:30 pm. Simply Amazing

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