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Selkirk August 24 2014 10pm UFO

UFO details report: I was about ready to go to bed at about 10 pm and decided to look out the bedroom window to check the front yard. I saw a flash of light behind the trees across the road. The power in the area had been cutting out periodically and I thought I may be seeing a transformer shorting out. I asked the other witness to look at the flashing light to verify what I was seeing. It turned out to be a large lighting cloud to the far north of the city. As we were watching the light show from the cloud I noticed the ring of lights traveling south from the lighting cloud area. I think it may have come out of the cloud. I asked the other witness if she could see what I was seeing and she replied yes. The object was first seen about 30 degrees above the horizon and was heading towards us. It took about 3 to 4 seconds to get from where we saw it be above our residence. When we where about to loose site of the object through the bedroom window above our home ran across the house, 30 feet maybe to exit the south door of our home to continue watching the object. The object was then spotted again at about 45 degree in the sky. It took maybe another 2 to 3 seconds be before we lost site of it to the south horizon. It was moving very fast. I estimate it took 7 to 8 seconds to cross the visible sky. The object had multiple colors that seemed to pulsate as it traveled. When the white light would pulsate it was much brighter than any of the stars or planets which where in the sky at the time. I saw no clouds visible other than the lighting cloud north of my residence above the lake. As the lights passed above my home I guess it would be about half as high above the ground as what a jet airliner would fly. I have seen many jet airlines pass overhead during daytime hours and night hours, this object was much much larger. I am at loss to what it may be. I am reporting this to see if anyone else in the area may have seen it.  

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