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Eriksdale July 19th 2014 10:40pm

UFO details report
: "On  Saturday,July 19,2014, 2240 hours,while returning from  a friend's house,I turned off Hwy  68 barely onto School rd when I noticed a bright white light east of town , on the north side of the hwy. &  on the north side of the hydro line . It was heading toward town at a  slow to mod. rate of speed (  40 - 50 km ).I got out of my car for a better view. As it came closer I saw there were actually 3 separate lights all in a direct line with approx 60 ft.  between each of them. They were approx. 120 ft off the hwy.They passed behind a row of 3 residences.  When nearing the western property line of the 3rd residence(I'd say 30 ft.) the front lite hung an immediate rt. turn & the other 2 followed going north now.As the 1st one moved forward (at a distance) I seen the light change from white to red. The other 2 stayed white from where I was positioned. As they went north, they crossed over the Lindell Manor (senior's residence) ( a block off the hwy.) and behind another senior's residence( right next door - no name). This line of direction lines up with the last street on the east  side  of town.They never strayed off a straight line at any point in their travels except when they made a sharp rt. turn.At no time was I able to discern a shape as the white light was just as intense forward or backward- not even when it turned red as it was too far away . BUT there was also another witness . She was just going to bed, but she always has a routine which includes looking out her bedroom window before going to bed.When she looked out her window ,she saw 3 lights just above the tree tops. The 1st  one was farther ahead of the other following 2. BUT.all 3 appeared RED to her. Plus she could see a shape when they were sideways to her. They appeared oblong to her and approx. 12 - 18 in. wide. She also watched them until they disappeared.This whole experience lasted from 2240  - 2250 hrs(1040 - 1050 PM). There were no sounds of any kind heard, only lights seen (white & red). Also note, the tree line for the other witness is right behind her residence . Trees approx.60 ft. away. There was nothing moving at that time- only them."

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