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Winnipeg, Manitoba May 29th 2014 approx. 11:10 pm (white orbs)

ufo details report: On May 29th 2014 around 11:10 pm I was outside on my apartment balcony enjoying the lightning show off in the distance. I noticed a white orb shape moving across the sky from north to south as I was facing the west. The object then dipped and rose again and then went in a westward direction. It was followed by another orb that did not make the initial same movements (dipping and rising) and then followed the other to the west. The sighting lasted only about 10-15 seconds and then disappeared. I had goosebumps and kept watching the sky for another 10 minutes hoping to see them return.

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Webmaster's note: These "orbs" were visually seen in the sky and should not be confused with photographic orbs that are not seen with the naked eye.