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Gypsumville, Manitoba June 1st 2014 1am

ufo details report: On this night I was sitting on top of a small hill in a clearing in the woods on an ATV. I was staring up at the clear night sky when I spotted a very bright object moving at a steady fast pace moving from the West headed East. I thought it was either a low flying satellite or the ISS. As it continued East I noticed a flash of light in the sky to the left (North) of the first object. I focused my attention on what appeared to be a normal star when suddenly I saw it flash very bright and appeared to become larger. It went back to looking like a star, then a couple seconds later flashed bright again before appearing to shoot straight up into 'space' further and further until it disappeared. I remained on the hill for another 15 minutes approx and did not see any more activity.

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