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Norway House November 28 2013 5:30-6:35

UFO details report: I looked outside and i saw a white light thinking it was a plane coming from Winnipeg maybe a medivac, i came to my living room to watch a show, halfway through i decided to look again it was brighter n orange, like just over the trees but seemed far, watched for over half an hour just seemed to hover i went outside to the side of my building it was blocked by some of the trees when i did get to see through the trees it looked like a water droplet magnifying the craft i can see the lights on the craft i ran in showed my gf it was getting bigger it looked like a ball of fire with a white center i was texting my sister to look outside she said she couldn't see nothing i took a couple pics with a cell just an orange ball watched for another half hour it disappeared and it just shows up it's was there when i starting writing its gone now maybe it will come back just wish i had a better camera

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