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"Me and my girlfriend were on a ride to the store at approx 10:40 pm mid August 2013, in the remote reservation of gods lake narrows,MB. About five minutes into the ride I noticed two very bright what I thought were stars at the moment, I then noticed the lights descending about two kilometers north of the reserve, I pulled over the van to the side of the road to further observe the strange lights. As I watched the two oval shaped bright objects appeared to be hovering about 1500 feet,they were very large about the size of a house, the two objects suddenly shot skyward faster than anything me and my girlfriend had ever seen, once about 3000 feet the two lights seemed to fly erratically up and down then meet again side by side perfectly symmetrical, this went on for about 2 minutes before we noticed the lights begin to ascend and fade from a bright white light into a very dim green before finally disappearing southwest. Me and my girlfriend again witnessed the lights 3 weeks later but this time over the east part of the lake at approx 11:30pm, the lights were hovering for about a minute before ascending and disappearing once again into a green dim light. There are many planes and helicopters that come through gods lake and I know the difference and sound, however these lights were unlike anything I have ever seen and were completely silent."

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