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along the #1 Highway East (Trans-Canada) October 20th 2013

UFO details report: I was travelling west on Hwy 501, about 12 kms northeast of the corner of this hwy and the Trans-Canada highway. It was 8:45 pm. I noticed two very bright lights hovering low at the end of the 501 highway,something I had never seen before(I've lived in the area for 30 years). One ball of light was very big and seemed to be connected to the smaller one (about half its size) by a glowing rope or chain. The larger orb shone in various colours, sometimes red, green, blue, gold or white. The smaller one shone only goldish white light. At first I thought it was two meteorites, one closer, and one farther, falling through the sky, but they weren't streaming through the sky. Then I decided it must be two aircraft heading towards Winnipeg. I was waiting for them to move westwardly, but they were stationary, as,over a 10-minute period they hadn't moved in any direction at all, and their glow remained very strong. I then thought it might be a new structure I hadn't heard about, erected right at the end of the road. I found the scene to be highly unusual,given that such big bright lights might be seen in the city, but not on the bare prairie, and especially so bright as to be easily seen from 10 kms away. I made my way to Sainte-Anne, turning south on Hwy 12. When I came down Hwy 12 again,going north this time, one hour later, I looked across the fields in the direction of the hovering orbs at the end of highway 501, and there was one of them (the smaller white one) still hovering there. I told my son, who was now with me in the car, to get his phone ready to take pictures, because we were going to investigate. We turned west onto hwy 501. As we got closer I could see that there was only one of the orbs still hovering there, the smallest one. My son took some video from about 5 kms away, and then the orb disappeared behind some coniferous trees we were passing. We then spotted it again behind some other trees along the road. As we approached the bend in the hwy just before it reaches the Trans-Canada, the orb was there, and then it wasn't! We saw it retreat and disappear. My son and I could still see it retreating silently,for a couple of seconds, a big grey craft, now no lights glowing, disappearing between the two cell phone towers,the reddish glow of the towers' red lights reflecting off of it, also quite easily seen because of the tremendous light of the full moon shining on it. There was a lot of traffic on the Trans-Canada hwy at the time, and so we are wondering if anyone else had seen this phenomenon. The two 'orbs' were hovering in the sky on the south side of the Trans-Canada, just at the end of hwy 501 (a couple of kms east of the 206 junction).

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