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The following was reported to us in 2013, but events described by the witness occurred in 2010.


I went to my neighbor's down the street for Canada day celebrations 2010.We were observing the fireworks display to the northeast of us and across the Assiniboine river. After a few minutes of the display,(here's the embarrassing part)I left the group of about 20 people and walked about forty feet directly south to relieve myself against a tree.While standing there doing my business I glanced up and to my right and there coming directly from the west was what can only be described as a perfect flaming red ring standing up on it's end and perfectly black in the center aprox 20-30 feet in diameter.I watched in amazement at what I presumed at first was some sort of bizarre new fireworks,until I realized the intensity of the deep red flames that surrounded this "hoop"had not diminished one iota as it traversed the entire sky from west to east,where I lost sight of it on the eastern horizon. As it passed in front of/over me a small portion of the red flames were clearly dripping ground-ward. This object was less than 200 feet above me,but seemed to descend slightly as it crossed over the eastern horizon. Then there was a second identical object which followed the first in an identical path,dripping all the way.By this time I had alerted a friend who was the closest person to me,who also observed it.Then there was a third and final object that looked and behaved the exact same way as the first two.Each object traversed from the western horizon to the eastern horizon in about 40 seconds,but did not appear to be moving very fast,and their speed did not vary,with each going the same velocity as the others.So then I start yelling to the original group less than forty feet away "ufo's"! but no one else responded because I couldn't be heard over the loud music at the time.THESE WERE NOT FIREWORKS!!!If you want to investigate the "dripping's"bring a metal detector and I can show you the exact location.There MUST be some evidence on the ground as each object passed over a mostly empty field.


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