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The witness writes:

"i gave a report on Oct 7, 2010 and what i have seen 3 times in the last 16 days is TOTALLY different! The first was on Tues May 07/13, I was taking out my dog for the last time before bed at about 2:25am. i live in the center of a small rural town--like always,i look at the stars when i'm outside with him and that night i saw a shape that appeared to be curved at the sides, otherwise unidentifiable and was flashing red on one side then blue on the other--WAY too low to be an airplane, besides their lights flash in unison, don't they? and these were 1 at a time. at first i thought it was one of the "twinkler stars", bright ones that are always in the SE sky at that time of night. then this started to move after 30 seconds or so. when i first went out there it was still, then started off in the SE sky to the east. i took my dog in, grabbed shoes/purse and hopped in the car to follow it. my cavalier KEPT UP with it the ENTIRE time, so it was obviously travelling fairly slowly--and TOTALLY silent. WAY too low to be a plane, even a small one. i drove through town and into the country, called a family member to tell them what i was doing/where i was, then figured since i had little gas, and really, how far was i even going to go/what would i do anyways? i had no camera, it did not register on the camera on my i turned left/north and the object was out the passenger side of the car/east . i drove about 1/2 mile to the other highway that leads back into town and turned west/left onto it, now i was facing town. i pulled over to the shoulder and was about to get out to look at it one more time before i went home--i expected it to be somewhat behind me to the east, however it had CHANGED TRAJECTORY! it was now returning to town, travelling the opposite way to the west. so, i followed it again to the outskirts of the west side of town. still, it remained too low to be a plane, completely silent and still flashing red on one side then blue on another. i hit a dead end gravel road, and not being able to go any farther, i watched it from inside the car with the window rolled down (the entire trip too), then went home. i could not see it through the trees after i got home. so WHAT is too low to be a plane,sometimes hovers,sometimes is completely still, takes off and changes trajectory--basically on a dime, it doesn't take a car long to travel 1/2 mile--the craft turned without making a large turn or curve, it was in same "spot" in sky only going the other way now,  starts in the opposite direction so as to look like it's "surveying" just the town, from eastern limit to western limit,  flashes red and blue intermittently, is curved at the sides, and does all of this at 2am and 3am in the morning over a small rural town, 3 TIMES IN 16 DAYS??? i saw it again 2 nights later, again completely still when i stepped out the door with my dog, and only after i watched it for a while, did it begin moving again in the same direction to the east, at around 2:50am. Then i saw the same thing last night"

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