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The witness writes:

"Sept. 16 2013 8:30pm-11:30pm Southeastern MB 7 miles north of whitemouth 4 craft observed My friend and I have been observing the sky regularly on clear nights to become familiar with the constellations and movements of the planets in the night sky, on this night immediately upon leaving the house I noticed a sound coming from the south but we observed first only one bright light to the west one fist above the horizon.  After 15 minutes we watched an aircraft moving west towards winnipeg and decided that this light was not a normal aircraft as it did not move but remained in place.  At this time we started to look for the source of the sound we were hearing, a soft humming/buzzing sound with grew louder and softer over about a seconds time and remained consistent coming from the  south and moving slowly from south-west to the south-east.  investigating this sound led us to discover 2 more identical lights closer to the horizon on to the west-southwest of our location moving in a northerly direction at a slow pace and one directly to the south moving in a easterly direction.  This led me to scan the rest of the visible night sky to find yet another identical light to the north of my location which was stationary.  At this time we got my small telescope(capable of seeing the rings of saturn) to observe the stationary light to the west of us more closely.  All we could see was lights/flashing coloured lights but no real concrete shape, we returned to the house until 10:30.  All 4 craft were still visible and the sound had moved much more towards the east and became slightly louder, we watched as the 2 moving lights (which continued in their original directions) had vanished from sight, with the 2 stationary lights still in their original positions at 11pm we returned tot he house, at 11:30 I alone went to see if the lights were still in the sky and they had vanished.This was a very unique situation and would very much like to know if any other reports have been made from the southeast of manitoba on this date."

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