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The witness writes:

Orange lights . South Central Manitoba Portage la Prairie Manitoba Friday September 28,2013 8:13 pm CST (20:14 hrs)I had just stepped out of the Portage credit union entrance (ATM) and a man and woman in the parking lot pointed out orange lights in the sky to the west south west@ Approx 60 degree angle from ground to sky Altitude between 5000 ft to 10,000 ft propelled craft (lights) not balloons or floating lanterns consistent speed est. 100-300 mph in "pairs" one above the other and a consistent spacing between the pair sets  all followed the same trajectory orange and circular , no other colours (or lights)slightly smaller than a dime held at arms length.watched them at least 5 minutes , myself and the other man estimated at least 50 objects while standing in the parking lot (5 minutes)The 2 other people said they had seen them a few minutes earlier on their way to Portage (they travelled from north of portage hwy 240)I had to leave to get my pre-ordered Chinese takeout because restaurant closed at 8:30 .... otherwise I would have headed to the open country to watch them better I am a pilot (helicopter) , familiar with most aircraft , I am very knowledgeable on meteorites and fireballs , the lights I saw were none of those.I am a UFO sceptic.

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