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Skownan First Nation is located approximately 300 km north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


The witness writes:

"Me, my sister, my cousin, my aunt and uncle, and grandma were driving back from the VLT center where we picked up my grandma. It was dark outside, it was sometime in the middle of December 2011, we were driving south down Skownan First Nation's main road, then we all noticed that the sky was flashing every 2 seconds, not very bright, just like a bright light was reflecting off the clouds. Then we just kept driving not caring bout it, then about 30 seconds later just after passing Skownan First Nation School, my grandma said "Look!" then I looked out the front windshield, I thought she was pointing at some cop cars in the distance with their red & blue lights on. A second later I knew it wasn't any cops, it was in the field about 30 meters away from the road and half a kilometer from us, but you can see the lights clearly all different colors, mostly blue red, yellowish, white colors, and the lights seemed like they were glittering almost. We were all staring at it in shock, until 5 seconds after it disappeared, I don't know how, but my uncle said it warped within itself for half a second, apparently the uppermost lights went to the center with the bottom lights following the top ones, until all the lights went to the center and it was gone. Anyways we kept driving and noticed another car coming down the same road from the south, so they must've saw it too. When we got home we turned on the radio as we normally do and listen to our local radio (Skownan Radio). And a few people called in and reported the sky was flashing, just like we seen. It was an awesome experience, I think about it all the time, I even check site's like these if anyone has seen the same thing I did, but haven't had any luck. So that's my story."

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