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The witness writes

"this was about two weeks ago, (April 27th 2013) i was in st. james off of ness ave. i was walking down the path through the living pararie museum at around 10:15 - 10:30. The sky was dark and i could see a lot of stars. i was walking home from my friends house who lived on sturgeon road. I was completely alone at the time. I had just exited the forest area and just got on the path. I usually look up at the stars, and that's what i did. i stopped and turned around to take a glance at the night sky, and i seen a weird bright object. It was moving slowly and it was VERY bright. I thought it was a helicopter but i quickly realized if it was a helicopter it wouldn't be a constant light moving silently. Then i got excited, i knew i was looking at a ufo. It looked like a bright star, the brightest in the sky! it was moving very slow until it got close to the moon area. Then it started to speed up a bit. I started running with it, keeping my eye on it as i ran. It was so beautiful, it was like a floating star that was silent and peacefully floating in the dark sky. Then as quickly as it came it disappeared. It kinda faded away but i think it was flying away into space very fast. Still to this day i believe what i seen was a UFO."

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