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The witness writes:

"I was in Brochet, Manitoba, near the end of April 2013, walking with my friend to her moms place, approximately 11:00 pm My friend showed me a star and asked me why it was blinking colors (red, orange, yellow, white, blue, purple, red) in that order, rapidly, and as I stared at it, I noticed two other stars doing the same thing, all together they made a really big triangle shape, and it appeared the triangle blocked out other stars, so everything in the triangle was just black.It was parked there in the sky, not moving or anything so I didn't think much of it, but I went back the next day and I looked in that particular direction to see if I could find it, and I did, in the day, it was like.. I saw just one light greyish line, it was very transparent, but I saw it run across the sky in the same spot the triangle was, so I left and came back again in the evening to be sure that it wasn't just a cloud, but yup, it was still there."

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