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I'm not sure who I could talk to but my family and I had the most amazing experience of seeing 2 ufos over our town on Sunday, February 3, 2013 starting at 7:15pm. At first, I only saw the first one that was on the south side of town and noticed that it wasn't high up in the sky (the skies were extremely clear that night and very cold!) and saw it as I was driving my brother and nephews back home.  I joked, "look at UFO". but the more I kept my eyes on it, it stayed stationary in the sky.As I kept driving, I pulled up to my mom's house where I was dropping them off.  I could see this object perfectly from my mom's deck and I called her to come and see a real ufo.  She got her coat and boots on and there in the sky, we could see the colours of the it - blue and red and some white.  It did not move and I would say it was probably a mile or 2 up in the sky.


I phoned my sister who lives across the street from my Mom and I was calling her, I saw another ufo behind and above her house but much farther up and farther away.  She and her husband went outside also see both objects.I drove home quickly and had an even better view of the southern ufo from my front step.  I ran in and told my adult children that there are ufos in the sky and ran in and grabbed some binoculars and focused.  I was stunned and scared!!  At first, I could see the bright white stars in the sky and as I moved the binoculars around, I saw the circular, disk shaped object with more lights than I had seen with the naked eye!


There were blue, red, green and white lights now rotating around.  My son and daughter then saw them and there was absolutely no explaining them as a plane or space station or satellite.I walked further down my driveway and looked north and saw the other object and it was still high and further away but I could see the exact same colour lights as the southern one!  It was getting really scary!  My children also saw the northern object.  I kept thinking, what are they doing here?  What does it want?  Where are there 2? Are they observing us?  What isn't anyone else seeing them?By that time, my mother, drove over with my niece and nephews.  I handed them the binoculars and they saw the objects.  I got in the vehicle with them and headed north up the road.  We were pulled over and a man walking by asked why we were stopped and we said, we saw a ufo.  He said, "I know, saw it too..I'm heading home now!"  He seemed scared or unsure.I finally went home and the object was still there.


I don't have a video camera or even a camera.  I have a camera on my cell phone, but absolutely nothing would show up because of the poor resolution and distance.  I went to bed around 9pm but my kids kept checking on it from the deck.  My daughter saw it last at 2am and when she checked at 3am, it was gone. During that whole time, the southern object was moving very, very slowly to the west - almost perfectly stationary and the northern object was going further and further higher and further away.

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