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Near Brandon Manitoba January 1979

I was driving from Moose Jaw Sask to Winnipeg with my brother who was in the front passenger seat. We where east bound on the Trans Canada hwy. I think we where somewhere between Portage La Prairie and Brandon.It was dark, around 10pm. The night sky was clear.We noticed coloured lights flying North of the highway several miles ahead of us. These lights where moving South to North and would intersect the highway ahead.I recall not finding anything unusual about these lights (they looked like lights from an aircraft) except that none of the lights where blinking. I thought the object was a plane.As the object reached the point of travel where it was about to fly over the highway in front of us in a northerly direction the object first stopped when it reached the southern edge of the highway. Then, from viewing the lights, seemed to flip up so the lights formed a triangle. There where 3 lights of different colour, one light at each corner of the triangle, I seem to recall a blue, red and green light at each corner of the triangle. The object then crossed the highway in front of us by rotating end over end until it was on the other side of the highway (North of the highway). Once on the other side it flipped back down and remained stationary. At that time I remember asking my brother "did you see that?", he replied he did.The object was motionless for a few seconds but it began to move down the north side of the highway toward our car, so it began moving west in our direction.When this happened I became very focused upon the object as it approached, I began to slow our car down. In a few minutes I stopped the car in the eastbound lane, the object was then stopped on the other side of the highway directly across from us. I was looking at it through my driver side window but decided to leave the car to get a better look.My brother asked me where I was going and I told him I was going outside to get a better look at this thing.As I exited the car my brother also left and was standing beside me as we looked at the object.The object was large, I estimate at least 40-50 feet along each side of an equilateral triangle. It was about 100 feet in the air and completely motionless, it was directly across the highway from us. There was a different coloured light at each corner of the triangle. There was no noise nor was there any wind. All I could hear was the sound of my car engine as it idled in park. My bother and I stood silently beside each other looking at this object for was seemed a few minutes. Then the object very slowly began moving west until it was behind our car on the other side of the highway. It then moved across the highway behind our car until it was on our side of the highway. It seemed to pause a moment before it began moving west-south-west to where there was a farm house. The farm was about 400 meters behind our car. Once it got above the farm at a altitude of 100 feet it stopped and hovered motionless again for a minute, maybe two. After this it slowly moved away from the farm and again crossed ...the highway behind us. I lost sight sight of it as there was a stand of trees that it seemed to disappear behind. My brother and I both got into the car and resumed our trip, we where speechless and silent. A few minutes later I broke the silence and asked him to draw on a piece of paper what he had seen. He produced a drawing of a triangle with a different light at each corner and I told him that was exactly what I saw. We never have talked out this between ourselves ever since.

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