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"It was Saturday, July 28,2012 at approximately 11:45 to 11:50 PM. There were seven of us ranging in age from teens to eighties, out for a slow boat ride barely above trolling speed along the north shore,headed in a westerly direction. I was driving when something caught my eye on the horizon past the south-west corner of the lake. I noticed four bright orange lights all at slightly different heights above the horizon, and definitely moving, although it looked like the last one was going slightly slower than the others. At first I thought it might just be an illusion that the last one was slower, but it became apparent that it was in fact not keeping up with the others. It was also too late at night for the last rays of the day to be reflecting on planes in the sky and these didn't look like normal aviation lights. By this time I had alerted the other six people in the boat as to what I was seeing and put the boat in neutral. All four objects were a bright orange colour, no flickering, no blinking, just constant.We happened to be in the perfect spot because we could see that they were going to pass  very close to us.They in fact passed almost directly over us. The first one came towards us and it looked lower than the clouds which were light and wispy, higher than low rain clouds, but not much higher. just before it got directly overhead the light went out completely. We all thought it must have been higher than we thought it was and had just disappeared behind the clouds.But the clouds just didn't look that heavy. We could still see stars behind them, they weren't large, and it never reappeared. Shortly after, the second one came over us at about the same height as the first and it was definitely below the previously mentioned clouds. The light was a constant bright orange glow moving at slightly faster than  the speed of a commercial jet when landing. When it was directly overhead it seemed to have a rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners which could have been caused by the brightness. It also appeared to be almost the size of a mid-size commercial plane.It was at this time that I shut the motor off and told everyone to listen. I was expecting to hear maybe the sound of a helicopter but it was absolutely silent. None of the others on the boat heard anything either. We watched this one disappear near the horizon in the north-east. Shortly after. the third one came over, again at about the same speed and height. This one was going to pass overhead as well and I told one of my daughters to take a picture of it with her phone. She got two pictures as it approached, but when we checked the pictures later there isn't much detail in the shots. Suddenly the light on this one went out just after passing over us. At this time we turned our attention to the fourth orange light, which was until that time not keeping up with the rest when it seemed to pick up speed. It also passed overhead and at that time it was evident it was going much faster than the other three. It only took a few seconds for it to disappear"

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