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 Winnipeg Mb April 16th 2012 Approx. 10pm


UFO Details Report: "During the evening of April 16,2012 my husband looked out the window of our apartment and saw what he thought was a firework going off. We are on the eighth floor looking east and the object appeared just above the balcony railing from where my husband sat. He then realized that it was going to slow to be a firework so he told me to get up and look. I got up from my chair and went to the balcony door, the object, that looked like a fireball was slowly travelling up and to the south. It continued to glow orange as it rose in the sky, at one point it started to fade but then suddenly got brighter. I took my binoculars but all I saw was a glowing orange object travelling away from us. I watched for about 5-6 minutes then I came back in.At first I thought it was a meteor or something like that but it was going to slow and it was rising not falling and then seemed to level out and continue south."

Duration 6-8 minutes

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