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"Okay it was last night of April 21-22 2012 around 1235 or 1240am. i was walking from an uncles place and i was heading west. it was a clear night with some northern lights. walking, enjoying the walk home. And heard something in the sky and noticed I've heard and knew what it was right away. then it went quiet. it may have came from west or south west maybe. it had a light on it kinda shimmering. it was in a steady place in the night sky. for about 10 seconds. no one else with me.  it was passing over poplar river Mb. a reservation i am in. i was walking and keeping an eye on it for about 15 or so minutes. it sorta passed above or within the northern lights and noticed a shape on it. it was a sharp point. on my mind that this was real and it happened openly in the night sky. i knew it was nothing from this earth not fast enough to have a clear answer to it. though it was hovering and made its way yet towards the east, a little north with it. my reaction was what do they want here. what will they do. though they didn't do any thing but kept going in a steady pace. i was skeptic of this for a while but cant get it around my best intentions.  i felt that i didn't have power to compare with their powers they must have. i felt scared and powerless. had no sense for life from it afterwards. it did stay up in the night sky in one spot for a good ten seconds, and moved slowly as if it were detecting the grounds. but nothing came from it just passing by. the object moved towards the east, and the light with it i could see till it kept going further. "

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