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Killarney Manitoba - August 2009

The witness writes:

"I was living in Killarney, Manitoba at the time 3 yrs ago this summer. I was a nighthawk and loved looking at the stars. One night I had noticed these stars flashing red and blue and white lights and these 'stars' were strange. I was at the lake one night and I could see their reflection in the water no other stars were visible not even the moon in the water.

The biggest thing that happened to me is at around 5:00 am I was in my house and my daughter was up and she said Dad Dad check this out. I witnessed a large orb glowing white moving very slowly in the sky and stopping almost in the yard .. I found out later it was just slowing down it was going into a larger ship that had a cloud formation around it complete with lightning thunder and very little rain a drop or 2 while this is going on.

I decide  to step back and have a better look at what this was. When I did I was amazed standing outside beside my daughter we witnessed blue and red lights pulsing in the same spot in the clouds and when this orb entered the ship this weird purple kinda mist came out the orb went in to a very bright door the clouds didn't cover that. Then it sat there in my backyard I'm pretty sure it had landed there because there were bent trees and they weren't bent before that.

Anyway the ship was very large because the orb was the size of 2 school buses belly to belly. The orb was sorta egg shaped and glowed a very bright white color.

We watched all this for what seemed about an hour the whole time with this cloud storm cloak, disguise, whatever so just before morning light almost this thing, ship decides its going to leave so just as the sun comes up its gone just like that, that big and gone. Here's the crazy part as it leaves the clouds in the sky had a mackerel type clouds and they looked like they were exhaust from this thing as the clouds were going so fast!!! I was flabbergast. It lasted for a few seconds AND THEN IT WAS BEAUTIFUL OUT sun shining IT WAS LIKE A CRAZY MOVIE but it wasn't.  While all this was going on I never got a pic probably cause my chin was on the ground and didn't want to leave if you have had an experience like this you know what I'm talking about.

This happened on August 23 2009. I also talked to an RCMP officer one day and he confirmed the storm I had experienced. I never said anything about what I had experienced thinking he may think I'm crazy.

I have some family friends a few miles from Killarney and as I'm talking to my Uncle we see this orb glowing white coming through his farm. We saw it from a ways back and it was travelling very slowly across the sky. We could see it very well not anything we had seen before it was so close you could of hit it with a rock couldn't see anything inside because of the glow it had. My Aunt went running for a camera but by the time she returned it had went into the clouds and was gone. This also in August 09."

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