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 October 29th 2011 Pinefalls Manitoba


The witness writes:

"Myself, my mother and my older sister were watching TV when I noticed a bright light outside through the windows. I pointed it out to my mother and we went outside and watched the object for at least 2 minutes. We live on Winnipeg River and our house faces a large bay, we can usually see the lights of the farms across the bay from us and are used to these lights as we have lived here for ten years. 


The object we saw was bright orange and spherical. The colour was very distinct, neon orange almost. It was at least as bright or brighter then the farm lights across the bay from us though distinct in color and shape. It flew over our property, over the bay and winked out over the field across the bay. It made no noise and did not leave a trail.The first object winked out and disappeared. My mother and I reentered the house. I took some pictures on my phone, but the quality is poor. We didn’t have our digital camera because my brother-in-law was borrowing it. Approximately 10-15 minutes later a second light appeared, this one was a bit closer and we could make out distinct shape changes in the object. It appeared at times to be almost oval shaped and elongated and at times emitted beam like projections that my mother compared to the way Christmas lights on a tree twinkle. We got down on the lawn and watched it follow the same path as the first light and wink out across the bay.The third object appeared approximately 20 minutes later and was much lower and closer to the house. When we spotted this one, my mother told me to stay in the house. The lights before this one had been interesting to watch and we weren’t afraid as they were quite a distance away. However, the third object appeared within 100 feet of the house and as low as the tree tops near the house and was frightening due to its close proximity. It also appeared to come from nowhere, as it this point we were watching the sky. It was very bright and appeared to be quite sizable, maybe as big as a four-wheeler.


Honestly, it frightened me and my mother especially. It followed the same straight slow path across the bay and winked out in the same way as the first two had.  We were able to observe this light for 5 minutes. By the time the third object has disappeared at was about 20 minutes after midnight.A fourth light appeared around 1:30 am but it was quite far away. My mother had found our old camcorder, but the object didn’t show up on the film. (The camcorder is about 10 years old.)There is a small airport for small, water plains up the river from us. However, these small planes are very loud and cause our dogs to bark and in this case the object we observed made no noise and did not appear to disturb our dogs. They also move faster than the object we observed.  Some of the objects did appear to fly at approximately the same height as the water planes though. There is also a helicopter pad near our home and we have observed helicopters in the area before. However this could not have been a helicopter, as in my experience helicopters are heard."

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