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Update January 2015

The following was shared with us in an email:

"I saw the very same thing in October of 2009. It was hovering so low over top of me to the point where I could hit it with a low powered BB gun (as an example). It floated very slowly with 0 sound at about 330 am near the west perimeter hwy.  There were no intoxicants involved as I simply couldn't sleep that night. Was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I would compare it to the likes of the millennium falcon of the star wars movies (more curved front but slight back angles that would light up - as you said with the intermittent red). I Saw it again last night (dec 29th 2014). I noticed it outside my balcony door. I now live right beside the air force base and when I saw it, it was directly overtop of it (whytewold @ saskatchewan ave??) at a 45 d angle. From my vantage point it was probably rising and turning around (from the AFB) because it went straight east after that ( over or around the airport....). I figured it was a military craft in 09 and that strengthens my guess. Definitely technology the public isn't made aware of which is amazing. And we're talking about 5 years ago....  In Canada..."


Our thanks to our reader for sharing this information with us.