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September 1st 2011 - Neepawa Manitoba


UFO details report: Traveling from Minnedosa to Neepawa on Hwy 16. Just after the farm with the silos to the south of the highway I noticed something strange and creepy. What I was looking at was 2 very bright large yellow orange lights in the sky. I know I wasn't looking at any farm machinery or farm lights. I was looking out the windshield. I could see these strange lights all the way to Neepawa. I was scared at first. I was later fascinated but not enough to pull to the side of the road. I had to then look out the passenger window once closer to Neepawa. It remainder to the south. Not traveling very quickly as I could see these lights the whole way to town. I was not the only one on the highway that would have noticed. These lights were at least as high or higher then the highest red light on the farthest tower to the south of Neepawa. Once I travelled through town on hwy 16. I could no longer see the lights due to trees.

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