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UFO details report: September 4, 2011 Buffalo Point Manitoba Canada North-east sky10:00 p.m. Son and his friend went outside for some fresh air. Sky was completely free of clouds and stars were crisp. As they stood chatting my son noticed an object with coloured lights, didn't think too much of it and brushed it off as a plane passing by. However there was no engine sound. They watched for a few minutes and then called us all out 4 adults and 5 kids, for our opinion. I thought it was a weather balloon, but it moved strangely and the lights were large and flashing green, red and whitish purple, We got the binoculars out and were amazed at what we saw. There were zig zag lines on a sort of conical body that looked like veins injected with pulsating dye; Below this the craft was dark and a ring of coloured large lights was below that. We watched this for an hour with the binoculars. Then my son, his wife, their two friends and their children went back to their cottage taking the binoculars with them. We watched for a few minutes then turned in for the night. Two of us watched the object all night as it slowly moved south over Lake of the Woods. It got as far as War road, Minnesota at 6 a.m. then suddenly peeled across the sky leaving a trail of light and ended up at the place they originally saw it.None of us had ever seen anything like this before.We used 7 X 50 mag. binoculars, the object was visible above the trees which are around 35- 50 feet high. The lights were pretty clear but there was no sound. It may have been 1000-2000 ft above the ground. What was it?
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Webmaster's note: All names have been removed from this report in order to protect privacy. It is possible that this sighting may be explainable as the planet Jupiter, which would have been in a similar placement in the sky, however the witness appears to be confident that this was not the case.