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The following are some reports of balls of orange light witnessed on August 19th 2011 and additional dates. Please note that while not all reports can be easily explained there has been a great increase in popularity of Chinese lanterns being sold and used in the Winnipeg area and across the country. This may help to explain some of the events that have been witnessed, but again not all more investigation is needed. Our thanks to the witnesses for contacting us and sharing these experiences. We appreciate it.


August 19th 2011 - "Lockport Festival weekend my Girlfriend and i were outside at 1030pm , having a smoke and star gazing and she asked me if that cloudy spot was the milky way? I pointed and started to explain the milky way when all of a sudden she noticed 3 very distinctive  moving lights that resembeled stars, and asked me "whats that,is that a plane"  "WHAT IS THAT? " I looked up and noticed the same thing and said " i've never seen anything like that before" Paused for a moment and we had then realized that what we were looking at had to be a UFO. Our hearts were racing, she ran inside the house couldnt talk or describe what i saw at first. all she could say was OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I was still outside to witness the object travel south to north, at the speed of a low flying plane. Object was triangular shaped, was dark/ blurry, flying point first, the 3 lights seemed to be in flying all in equilateral triangular position, and no sound."


August 19th 2011 - "My wife and I a friend were at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg yesterday evening around 9:30 pm Aug19, 2011 and watched 2 orange lights travel across the sky for about  minute before they went out of sight behind trees.  Here is some info. on them:They did not flicker or blink.They did not make a sound that we could hear.There were no other lights (as a plane would have), just single orange lights.The lights were larger (about 2 or 3 times as large) than lights on a plane would appear.They were following each other in a straight line at exactly the same speed but were very far apart so it was clearly 2 objects, not one long one.The one at the rear suddenly disappeared in an instant (or turned off its light).They were travelling about the speed of a plane so it was definitely not balloons.This afternoon I just googled 'orange lights winnipeg' to see if anyone else had perhaps seen them and came across numerous sites that mention orange lights travelling over winnipeg. -I have no idea what they were and am not claiming they are extraterrestrial, but due to all the other reports of orange lights around winnipeg on the internet, I find it interesting.  I'd like to know what they were."


August 19th 2011 - "Last Friday, August 19, at approximately 2200hr we were parked in front of Sargent Sundae on Portage Ave. at Overdale St.  We noticed two orange lights in the sky approaching us traveling from west to east. It was difficult to identify their altitude but I thought the were very low in the sky.  They were moving very slowly.  Then coming from further west there were two more traveling in the same pattern.

These lights, one after another turned south immediately west of the Assiniboine Park footbridge and proceeded over the park area.  I could not hear a sound from them.  As the second group of two came closer I noticed a fifth light following.  They all proceeded in the same pattern and turned south over the park. There was no noise and they moved very slowly and after turning south they gradually faded from sight.   They were consistent in their colour, a dusky or bronze orange. The lights were not pulsing.  What struck me was that they moved so slowly and I couldn't estimate their height.  The whole event took at least 3 or 4 minutes, maybe even a little longer, to complete.  Nobody else seemed to notice them as the traffic continued

to flow past and people on the street were coming and going.  The four of us in the car had a clear view of the lights and were unable to come to any conclusion as to their origin."


August 27, 2011 - "from 220 Oliver Ave in Selkirk, Mb.At 10:05 - 10:00 saw 3 glowing orange / red lights, looked like fire flickering.Looking to the North, saw 2 glowing lights rise from right to left at about a 30° angle, then stop rising and appear to move straight North and eventually fade out.Minutes later a third light followed exactly the same pattern.Entire event lasted about 7 minutes or so."