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"I was in the St.James area of Winnipeg Saturday night, July 16th, 2011 at approximately 11:45pm. A friend and I were walking outside from my parents house and I noticed a bright orange light south of the city looking like it was traveling east. Shortly after my friend looked up and confirmed. As we were looking into the clouded sky (thunder storm in the distance) we noticed another orange light traveling beside the first. They looked to be moving fairly quick and pretty close together. As we watched we then noticed more and more lights of the same traveling in formation almost looking like they were flying towards the bright moon but then started to vanish. As the first lights vanished more kept showing up traveling west to east in formation but then dispersing and flying solo in their own patterns. We raced over to a dark parking lot with a hill to get a better vantage point and noticed that most had disappeared other than about three or four still in the sky traveling very fast and no sound. We both have Blackberry Pearl phones which suck for any pictures or videos so we have nothing to show other than what we saw. We called people we knew to check out what we were seeing but nobody was around or not interested. We also called the airport but they didn't say anything or give any info to us. These lights were so obvious in the sky and being a warm, summer night somebody out there had to have also seen what we saw. At the tail end of watching the bright orange lights in the sky there were only about three or four left and they were slowly disappearing. The one last light looked to be flying towards us but at a far off distance very fast and no sound then changed directions from north to west and vanished. That was the last of what we saw. We then drove south of the city to see if we could catch anything else in the sky but the clouds were breaking up and the lightning in the distance was going further and further away. There was nothing else."
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