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"Hello, I'm not sure who to contact about this but last night (April 20 2011/ 11:30PM) I witnessed something in the sky that as a logical person left me dumbfounded. I have no idea what it was, bigger than any plane or helicopter, moving at an extremely fast rate of speed northbound close to the Broadway st. It had 3 massive lights, however they were fairly dim, but still easily viewable. Each light would be comparable to how the size of the moon would look on a full moon. The lights did not shine or shimmer they were dull with definable boundaries. The craft looked like it was flying at a low altitude because it was blocking out the stars and I could make out the shape of the craft. It was a triangular. The lights were arranged in a triangular fashion as well.  Also it did not make a sound. The craft stayed still for about 5 seconds and took off northbound faster than anything I've seen. It was gone within seconds after it started moving.     I am currently starting my first year of university and taking physics, I know what planes and helicopters and even stealth planes look like. This was like anything I've ever seen. I don't know who to talk to about this without people thinking I'm some nut job.  Did anybody else see these lights? Thanks,-"


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