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In the Summer of 2010, between June - July, 6:00 am roughly, it was some time ago, Dauphin MB, friends and I were drinking in my backyard and out of the corner of my eye I saw a bright light in the sky. Being early morning with the sun up already, there were no stars visible, so Ii kept watching.. The light flew into view about 600 yards away from us and exploded into a shower of sparks, which was odd but I figured it was a meteor. Very suddenly a silver cigar shaped cylinder appeared out of nowhere, and I mean literally. Blink it was there like 3 seconds after the explosion about 50 feet from the sparks, and was just hovering. No sound, no propeller, no engine noise, no wings just a cylinder, with a silvery mirror like shine. Then it proceeded to move very slowly across town, about 100 feet in the air above the houses until it was no longer visible to the naked eye. It scared the hell out of my friends and I. I have credible witnesses to the event, if anyone has seen something similar let me know."


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