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Long Plains Reserve Manitoba July 28th 2009  - The witness writes:


"My sighting of a U.F.O. was on the 1st nations reserve, Long Plains Ojibwa reserve .My sighting happened in July of 2009. I'm a night security officer there. My job is to watch all band buildings. My grandchildern were the 1st ones to see this object floating in mid-air. This would be around 11 pm. of that July evening. This thing was huge. I started flashing my spotlight at it. I drove about 30 feet and looking at the direction of this thing, 10 seconds later and then ..........gone. Just dissappeared. My grand-kiddies are 16, and 15. They keep talking about this sighting we saw that night. This is my 3rd sighting of a U.F.O."


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