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Stonewall Manitoba October 7th 2010 1:45 and 2 am


UFO details report: on october 7, 2010 i saw...something in the night was between 1:45 and 2 am that thursday morning, and i was taking the dogs out for their last pee before bed. since i was a child i've been stargazing and skywatching. i've seen the odd satellite, but nothing of any real significance until now. we live in stonewall, manitoba, canada, close to main street (edited for privacy) i was facing NE and while looking up i noticed movement over to my right (due East). i turned and saw the "outline" of something approx. the same size as a very large bird, like an eagle/owl/ flew over the top of the bank across the street from my house. the thing that i couldn't ignore was that it was the same color as the sky and had stars throughout it also-it looked like a "ship that was coming out of, or going into their cloak"-for all the star trek fans out there.yes-i realize Capt.Kirk was not piloting a small object over top of my yard, but that's the only way i can think of describing how it looked-almost invisible except for the was travelling from the SE to the NW in a straight line, slowly and it took 5-6 seconds to cross the corner of my yard, and only 50-75 feet above it, maybe around the same height as the tall streelights, or slightly above was completely soundless. there were 2 completely round "discs" on the underneath of this object. they were orange-but not overly bright-kind of like when you have your oven burner on low-med. the discs were equidistant the whole time, and compared to the size of the overall object they were large-making up at least 15%-20% of the surface area each. the front and back shape were not clearly outlined as much as the "wings" which had these 2 discs underneath them.the dogs were completely unaware of it. if the object had been shorter than the streetlights, they would have been shining on the object, and even if the object were taller than the streetlights, there would still be no light shining on it, because the streetlights have a "hood" on top of them, which forces the light they emit in a downwards direction was late, but i'm a night owl, and i was completely awake and alert. i followed it in my line of sight as far as i could before i lost it in the tree lines of the next few back yards. i'm 100% convinced what i saw was significant. what flies that low, at 2 am, makes no sound, and is mostly "cloaked"?? the lighted discs under it were not light the "pinpoint" lights of a plane flying at high altitude.they were big and the craft was low. cool.

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