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Winnipeg Manitoba, October 10th 2010 8:42pm


UFO Details Report: Last night @ 8:42 ( looked @ my watch) I was getting into my truck , (I live in south Winnipeg , just past the perimeter highway) and noticed an orange object in the sky as I was looking to the west. At first, It was a little ways away & I thought it was a balloon flight , when they fire up the burners , because it was very vivid orange color , but as I watched it it flew south and it now appeared to be a lense shaped object still bright orange glow , absolutely no sound at all. It was going pretty slow at the moment , and then started to rise in altitude , so I ran back inside the house and got a pair of binoculars from the kitchen table , when I got back to the truck the object was exiting to the south west and I lost it from view after about 15 seconds or so.

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