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East Hawk Lake and Charleswood Manitoba 1959

UFO Details Report: "I lived in Winnipeg on Olivia ave. One summer day us school kids, we were going to Hugh John MacDonald at the time, heard of a UFO encounter near East Hawk Lake.Do not know if that is in Ontario or Manitoba...We heard the two people, Father and son had been taken to the hospital which is near Sherbrooke st and William ave....So, us kids went and hung around the entrance and I managed to get into an area in the hospital and talked to a nurse about the situation..She told me that indeed, the man had been brought in and examined...He had been burnt by something He and His son had come upon while walking on a trail...A man came over when she was talking to me and gave the women a bad time for talking to me....I left quickly.....I was frightened but able to get out ok..I think I hid a bit and snuck out a door somewhere.... We hung around for awhile but did not get to see the man or his son...As far as I remember, the man was a plumber and his tale was discredited by many....The year would be the summer of 1959.Also there is the famous Charleswood incident where my Uncle and some of his prospective buyers for real estate in Charleswood had a ufo encounter. There is a picture of one of the footprints of one of the entities that got out of the craft...The foot is small a bit larger than the ball point pen that was placed beside it when the photo was taken..It is also heavy in the heel area..."

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