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Delta Beach Lake Manitoba August 6th 2010 10pm


"My friends and I were camping at Delta Beach Lake Manitoba. We had just finished setting up camp. Normally we don't get the chance to look at the skies due to the light pollution in Winnipeg. The stars blew us all away. We seen a few stars that moved in a steady pace in one direction. We all convinced each other that those most be satellites, seeing as we seen a few and they were not moving irrationally. Once we walked the beach a little bit more. I looked over the water and saw what I believe to be a UFO. I quickly got the attention of my friends who noticed the object as fast as I could point my finger to it. It gave off so much light it almost appeared to be a star. The UFO then began moving up, down, side to side, vertically, zig zags and small curve swoops. In multiple variations of speed. We watched it doing this for over 45 minutes. We also seen two planes heading towards this object, you could clearly tell the difference between the planes an the object. both planes appeared form opposite sides of the water. We continued to watch this object for a bit longer  before deciding to head back to the camp to get a camera. When returning to the beach we noticed dark clouds have appeared over the lake covering the skies(but only really covering the area where the object was flying) We found this odd. Headed back to the campsite and talked about it there some more. Only to return to skeptical people of the city once again. Heard of anything from anywhere else?"


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