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We received the following report on May 10th 2010
"Last evening, 09 May, 2010, at 10:30 P.M. I observed what appeared to be 4 UFOs but might have been one UFO with 4 lights attached.  It proceeded from the NE of me and was traveling SW at very high speed.  It made no sound of any kind and had an uncanny forward motion.  What I mean by this is that it was so smooth in its travel that it seemed like an object gliding on ice.  I would have a hard time saying why this motion seemed unnatural except to say it made an impression on me that nothing else has.  We build MRI machines and use linear rail systems that are not as smooth as this motion seemed to be.  The size of the objects were about what the full moon would look like at the zenith but the light was nothing  like that kind of light. It looked like the kind of light you get from an arc lamp seen from behind a thin cloud layer or in fog.  I was talking to a shop clerk this morning when another person there said his friend also saw these lights last night over E. Selkirk.  That would be the correct trajectory for the lights I saw. The lights were east of the Red River."
The witness adds in later correspondence:
"I see I forgot to say the lights were in a perfectly straight line and the spacing between the lights was exactly equal. This is why I am unable to say if they were unique objects or 4 objects attached to one central body."
Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing this information with us. We have forwarded this report to a UFO researcher from Manitoba and it is currently being followed up. If you think you have seen these lights or have had a similar experience please contact us through Your privacy will be protected. Confidentiality is assured.