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Ste. Rose Du Lac, Manitoba, Manitoba April 3rd 2010 Approx.  11:30


"I was out on the deck of my home with company talking. While watching the sky a dark shadow appeared over my home which caught my eye. I could not tell what it was first until the whole craft appeared from behind the roof of the house. I was surprised to see the craft and asked my guest if he could see it and he said yes. We observed the craft together as it passed over head until we could not see it anymore. As it passed over head I gauged the size of the craft using my fingers and structures as a sizing guide. Guessing the size at about 250 ft wide by 500 ft plus long.I could not believe what I was seeing so close to the ground. The craft passed directly overhead in a straight line at a slow enough speed that I could see some finer details of the craft. It was a long black boomerang shaped Craft. It was about the height off the ground as a small plane would fly. I would guess about a thousand feet off the ground or so. All black in color no marker lights shining. There were three red glowing round openings under each wing orange/red in color. They were evenly spaced on the back 2/3 of each wing. Drive system maybe? I watched the craft until it disappeared behind the local community hall" 

Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing this information with us. A researcher from Manitoba is currently following up. Please have a look at Chris Rutkowski's website for an update, and follow-up to this report. If you have had a similar experience please contact us through Your privacy will be protected.