PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada


We received the following report from Winnipeg Manitoba in April 2010:


"I have, for MONTHS being seeing at approximately the same time every other night almost at least one craft. It is NOT a star or a satellite or a helicopter or a balloon or anything else like that. I have been watching the skies most of my life and i know what is and what ISN'T. I see it from my apt window, i noticed it at first because it was bright and it twinkled different colors, it changes shape, it travels erratically, speed it travels varies, at times stops completely. My reaction was amazement of course, (i did try to debunk it first before i came to this conclusion). This (they) are out there for hours at a time, mostly staying in the same area of the sky, once in a while they will go in another direction. And this may sound completely unbelievable, but when it isn't doing too much, just hovering and hardly blinking, when you ask it to blink the lights, it does. And I've tested this out many many times. Asking it to just do does. To do does, to do them does. One time recently i got brave and asked it to come closer and it looked like it was. I said "stop, not yet, i'm not ready" and it did. I have NOT captured this on film yet, as i don't have video or regular camera, only cell phone, and it does not show up. I lose sight of it because i go to bed, it is out there for hours and staring through binoculars for that long gives you a big headache. One night just last weekend it seemed to drop an orb. The orb was red and occasionally it would blink a strobe like white light, then nothing, then the next time it blinked you could see it in a different part of the sky but down lower, eventually i lost sight of it as trees were in the way, but I'm assuming it was headed to the ground."


Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing this information with us. A researcher from Winnipeg is currently following up.  If you have had a similar experience please contact us. Your privacy will be protected.