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Thicket Portage Manitoba UFO Sighting - Summer 2009

The witness writes:

"This sighting happened this past Summer (around June July and August) in Thicket Portage, MB and this was while I was visiting my brother for the summer.We were watching tv at night around 12am and my brother who went outside for a smoke called me and said get your camera (my camera is not very good with video and pics) so anyways we went outside and we both saw this light which was moving like curvy and it was yellow then it went to a reddish light color, as it moved away I looked behind it from the same way it came and another was following it but this one was green and moving odd as well, so my brother kept an eye on one while i watched the other and his flew away same speed behind the trees and the one i saw zoomed up real fast and chased right after it and both just disappeared.

The next night we checked again around 12am and saw from around 2 to 3 of these objects again but this time all moved the same way and they were all bright yellow colored.I got a video of me and my brother freaking out swearing alot but it was a crappy digital camera all it shows is black pretty much and i got pics of what we saw but they turned out weird. thanks for your time.

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