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July 2005 Approx 4am Near Manitoba/Ontario border

My whole family had been traveling all night in the family mini van. We had quite a distance to cover so we had decided to sleep in the van and drive over night. It was approx. 4am  and my daughter tells me to pull over because she needs to pee. I find a side road to the main highway and pull over for her to do her thing. As she got back in the van I thought I should take this opportunity to also have a pee.

I stepped to the back of the vehicle where I would not be seen and proceeded to do my thing. As I stood there I noticed a bright star in the sky. I was about twice as bright as the few others in the sky at the time. I didn't think much of it other than I remember thinking that it appeared to be floating or moving slightly. I looked away for a second as finished my business and when  I looked back in that direction it was gone.

This still did not seem to weird to me as there was a very slight cloud cover that I had assumed it could have ducked behind although it didn't seem possible. I was in a hurry so I proceeded back to the drivers seat,but as I opened the door I noticed that there was the same "star" in the sky in front of me. This time I could see that it definitely was moving slightly. I saw it for a second or two and the it appeared to vanish. By vanish I mean it appeared to shrink out of sight like it was traveling away from me at high speed. I didn't know what to think, I was confused by the strange lights.

It was late,I was tired, and I cannot remember the exact date (but I should be able to find out from gas receipts) Around end of July. I remember seeing a road sign as I pulled off the highway that said GLENN-(something). It was near the Manitoba / Ontario Border. I've checked MAPquest for the right spelling but all I can find is "glenn" not the full name.

It may also be worth noting that the trip my family was on was due to a death within our family unit. The family member wishes were to be cremated and we were at the time transporting the remains to their home town on the east coast for burial.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us.