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Waskada Manitoba July 1975/76 Approx 12-1 AM

UFO details report: I had taken my girl friend home after a movie in Deloraine, Mb sometime around midnight in the hot summer night in 75. I was driving my pick up from Goodlands, Mb. towards Waskada, Mb. Heading West I crested what the public called Christianson hill and I observed red flashing lights at a farm where a friend of mine lived. Thinking someone may have had an accident I was very concerned. I got there in minutes however flashing lights now looked to be the tail lights of a car. As I got closer the tail lights in which I thought I had seen were in the shape of a single motorcycle tail light. I thought to myself this was very strange but it was very hot and it could have been the heat waves off of the pavement. The motorcycle taillight started weaving from one side of the road to the other. I immediately slowed my pickup down thinking someone may upset there bike. As I backed off the red tail light changed into a perfect red ball right in front of my truck. I could not tell the size of the ball because of the darkness. It wasn't a fire ball just a large illuminated perfectly round beach ball. It could have been 10 - 500 ft in diameter with the darkness I couldn't tell. As quickly as it appeared it was gone. Within that same time period summer of 75 or 76 and within a quarter mile of this red ball a friend of mine and I had another strange occurrence on my motorcycle. We were traveling down the highway 1:00 am heading home from the lake to Waskada. A bright light was coming at us down the highway. A very intense bright light, it got so bright I had to stop the motorcycle because I couldn't see the ground. As quickly as it came it retreated and was gone with nothing in front of us. I asked my friend what was that, he said I don't know but lets get out of here.

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