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Parkland Region, Manitoba - Witness Pursued By A Disc/Saucer Shaped UFO
Date: September 6, 2008
Time: 9:40 p.m.

It had been a rainy weekend off and on. I had just wrapped up helping my friend work on his home for the day. The sun was setting as I went in to the trailer for a quick supper before heading back to the lake, for a nights sleep. I ate and had a quick visit and left at 9:30 pm. I had to stop and open up the gate on the property. I then drove through and shut the gate..As I got back into the truck and shut the door. I had a strange feeling come over me. I turned the heater onto high as I suddenly felt very cold. I shifted the truck into gear and started heading north. The gravel road was a winding one that had the trees and bushes that were slowly creeping in, taking it over. It was wilderness around the area and no human eyes for miles. Yet as I was driving..not 15 seconds into the 6 mile trip, I had a feeling..that I was being watched. It made me feel very uneasy and uncomfortable.

The feeling was out of the blue! There was nothing that should make me even think of any eyes on me except for the wild life that live there, in the Parkland region. I could not shake the feeling as I drove along..every hill and curve, I expecting anything ..but nothing. I thought to myself, "boy, am I ever being funny tonight" as I still couldn't get rid of the feeling of being watched. I was going as fast as I could. My speed very limited as the curves and hills kept me from the true speed I wanted. All I wanted was to get back to the lake and in the cabin to a fire and sleep. I finally made it to a more "recognized" and used gravel road and turned onto it, now heading west.

It was immediate. There was a bright white light behind me. I saw it in my mirror. It was well above the ground. My first thought was a light on a post. It was not though, there was no light pole anywhere. I was startled and my heart quickly sped up. I had a feeling inside that I knew it was them. I stepped on the gas peddle and accelerated. The light stayed with me and then quickly got closer. I went over a hill and hoped that it would not follow, but it continued to follow me. I did feel somewhat safe in a vehicle that was moving, but knew in the back of my mind that it really would not make one bit of difference.

The glowing object continued to follow at an approximate 50 yard distance. I could see it in my side mirror. My whole body becoming alive with adrenaline and that feeling of perception aware on guard. The craft continued on to the next mile, my heart racing and thoughts erupting as a fear had some grip. The object suddenly disappeared. I still felt the same and was not relieved, but very much on edge now. Wondering where it went, I was sure it was not gone. I traveled for about ten seconds since the object had vanished. Then suddenly there it was, to the left of me. It lit it up bright. The white object was traveling beside me. It was not to far away, maybe 40 yards. It lit up, then after one to one and half seconds it went out. It was about 4 or 5 seconds later when the object lit up all white light again. The object appeared to almost stubby looking disc saucer type craft. At least that was the shape of this white lit object. I really do not know if that was the actual object. I am assuming it was, as it was fairly big and not something that could be mistaken for anything else.

The whole place was so dark, so black and every 4 to 5 seconds this object kept on lighting up for one to one and half seconds. It stayed beside me for the rest of my trip west. It was just above the trees and keeping pace. I was a mile from home at the lake and turned north. The object discontinued. It flashed one more then that was all. I still wanted to get inside the cabin and it was not until 5 minutes after seeing the last flash, that I made it inside. I really don't think that it is something that can be just tossed aside, but I really was not one for thinking more on it. The feeling of being watched was gone as I sat on the couch beside the wood stove and watched it turn red. Exhausted from the work and the adrenaline wearing off. My mind now finally clear, I slept.


Our thanks to Brian Vike for sharing this report with us