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Written by Stu Finlay
Falcon Lake, Manitoba - Bizarre UFO Incident of 1967

In the spring of 1967, Stefan Michalak of Winnipeg was vacationing in Whiteshell Provincial Park, far in the wilderness of eastern Manitoba. The area was well-known to Michalak, as he had prospected for quartz in the area numerous times before.

On May 20, Michalak caught sight of two fiery, cigar-shaped objects descending at what he calculated to be a 45 degree angle.

Suddenly, one of the objects stopped in mid-air, while the other landed approximately 40m away from Michalak, on what was described as a large rock. At this point, both objects changed from what looked to be a fiery composition to a grey, metallic one. The object in the sky proceeded to move west, and shortly after disappeared into the clouds.

A hatch of sorts suddenly opened on the landed object, emitting a violet light. Also noticed was a sulphur-like smell and a humming sound coming from the craft.

After observing the object for some thirty minutes, Michalak heard voices coming from it. He cautiously approached the object, shouting out to it in an attempt to communicate with its presumed occupants. There was no reply.

As he looked into the craft, he saw lights and a panel of sorts, yet no trace of occupants. Suddenly, the hatched closed, which startled Michalak. He then then proceeded to touch the object's facade, which melted his prospecting gloves and burnt his hands.

At this point, a small, grid-patterned exhaust-like port emitted steamy, gaseous substance which set Michalak's clothing on fire. The object flew away while Michalak extinguished his flaming clothing.

Michalak suddenly felt sick and was in great pain. He noticed an odd smell, like that of an electrical fire, coming from inside his body. When he arrived at the hospital, he claimed the burns where caused by airplane exhaust, as not to appear crazy.

Strange, grid-like burns were found on his chest, and for months he suffered symptoms similar to those of radiation sickness.

The RCMP investigated the case. While they found some radiation near the site of the encounter, it was determined to be of natural causation and of no danger to humans.

To this day, the Canadian government claims the case is unsolved. It remains an enigma and a popular case within UFO research.