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"I saw a UFO more or less 14 years ago. I was in my apartment building's yard doing laundry when I looked at the sky and saw an immense spacecraft full of lights. I watched it for a few seconds, got excited, but immediately became scared because I thought they might do me harm. I decided to call my husband, but I couldn't move from the spot and never took my arms off the spaceship. When he came over, the craft became smaller and took of quickly, disappearing. My husband saw nothing at all. Next day, in the evening, I was coming home from shopping with my daughter and saw a personal craft with a being within it. I could see it through the glass. It looked at me without expression. The following weekend I went off to the supermarket by car, and when I was nearly there, I saw the same one-man craft with the same entity.I haven't discussed these sightings openly lest I be considered insane; I've only discussed them with people who like the subject. When I saw them, I thought they must be aliens. Today, I'm as bold as to think they might be from the future, because their appearance is identical to our own. I concluded that these apparitions have been seen before, because their spaceships are identical to the ones they show on television."


Our thanks to the witness for sharing their experience with us and to Scott Corrales author of Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy for translating the report.