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"Good Afternoon. My name is (removed for privacy) and I would like to tell you about an experience I had. I had not thought a lot about it then last night it came to me in a dream that felt so real I could smell the smells around me. It happened when I was 11 years old. Well to me and my little brother. I had walked with my brother Eric to his Boy Scout Meeting at Eisenhower Elm School. We lived in an apartment on Oak Park Drive in Louisville, Ky. at that time so it wasn't very far and it was were my little brother had attended school at the that time so it was a walk we did quiet often. On this night though there was a very weird feel to everything. It was about 7pm when we left the school for our walk home so it was full dark. And the neighborhood was very quiet. When we got Oak Park Drive we had maybe walked passed maybe 2 yards. We then heard a sound that made us look behind us I believe it was a barking dog maybe. And there was a huge craft aircraft that had bright lights all over it. We could tell right away of course that it was an airplane and it was so low. I remember thinking how is it not hitting power lines or trees because it was so low and so big. I remember telling my brother to run. Then all I remembered at the time was walking into the apartment. My mom and stepfather were so mad and worried because when we walked through the door it was 11:35pm it was 4 hours later then when we left the school. What should have taken us maybe 15 min to walk if that. My mom had called the Boy Scout Troop leader and family and friends they had been looking for us. And we were no where. This was in 1990. Over the years I have dreamed of that night a few times and have had other dreams that are odd like of bright lights and being strapped down. But, I have never actually shared my story with anybody besides my husband but the dream last night was so real that I was looking up others story's like it and came upon your sight. Thank you for letting me share my story with you."

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