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"This incident happened before I moved to Canada, when I lived in Dubai, UAE. This happened in the early nineties, I forget the year and on three different occasions, including once where my parents saw the same object. All these incidents happened during nighttime, with clear skies, except the general area where the object was floating was ‘misty’ or sort of cloudy. This is very rare for that region of the Mideast, where skies are clear almost year round. The object in question was shaped like a capital ‘H’ and would glow like a neon tube, but without emitting light in any direction. The glow would intensify and the ‘H’ seemed to get a bit larger, and then slowly fade till it would disappear. On the third and final occasion I saw it in full view with my parents, who paused and even called a UFO enthusiast friend on the phone. My dad is a military pilot, so he inquired the next day on weather phenomenon or aircraft and no one had any answer. I’m curious to know if an object like this has ever been sighted elsewhere. I really wish we had cell phone cams back then!"

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experiences with us.