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October 1984 5:30pm approx Lacombe Alberta


UFO details report: My father's & myself UFO sighting goes back to about October, 1984.We were hauling hay for a farmer friend NE of Alix, Alberta when we heard the sound of a jet.My father was looking all around & @ me, then he pointed up & we both saw what I call an "ancient jet".This thing was huge. It had lights all over it, a big front spotlight that appeared to be observing the ground.I remember the back jet like fins, what appeared to be circular hatch-type covers on top, & it looked really dirty.This object started to turn slowly towards the SE & we saw the back of it. Triangular in design with 3 big circular turbine engines. It started to rev up & then a loud blast like a shotgun & it was gone but we could hear it sailing across the sky to the south.It was reported in the Red Deer Advocate newspaper the next day as there were several witnesses in the Delburne, Trochu, & Three Hills area.My father & I still talk about it today, 31 years later.


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